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28.09.2020 Modernization

Modification of Pipe Mill Hydro Tester Intensifier

To increase the productivity of Hydro-tester, TMK GIPI specialists from Production Department, have been planned to replace the intensifier with high pressure pump. As high pressure pump takes less man-power effort and less time for maintenance. The main purposes of this modific...

25.03.2018 Modernization

Laser Unit installation to Edge Mill Equipment

TMK GIPI, with contracted “INVISUAL E. INC.” company, have installed Laser Unit to Edge Mill Equipment from the part to control skelp width and edge condition. The main purpose of installation of Laser Unit is to measure the coil width after edge mill unit and creat...

01.08.2016 Modernization

Key milestone achieved by TMK GIPI Oman – to operate its new 6” mill

As part of the ongoing In Country Value “ICV” initiatives TMK GIPI’s management are pleased to announce the final stage of completing 8”-24” mill expansion for manufacturing of smaller sizes 6”-7”, which are used for oil and gas well delivery and currently sourced from overseas market.

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