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TMK GIPI signs US$200M contract with Petroleum Development Oman


The Sultanate’s leading pipe manufacturer, TMK Gulf International Pipe Industry (TMK GIPI) LLC, part of global pipe manufacturer TMK, has signed a four-year 200 million USD contract with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) to produce and supply a variety of pipelines sized 6”-24” diameter. Almost 80% of the awarded contract represent 6” line pipes (flowlines) widely used by PDO in day to day operations.

This achievement is a result of a teamwork between the whole TMK Group, Technical Expertise, Research and Development and the site team at TMK GIPI that worked together this summer on completing the 8”-24” mill expansion at Sohar for the manufacture of smaller 6”-7” pipe sizes, used for oil and gas well delivery.

PDO Managing Director Raoul Restrucci said: “We are delighted to sign this contract with TMK-GIPI which will see an Omani factory manufacturing piping both for PDO and other operators. As well as boosting ICV, there is also a fantastic opportunity for this state-of-the-art plant to supply its products and services across the region”.

“We are honoured that this contract will build on our long-term partnership with PDO. We are committed to developing our investments in Oman and to support PDO to achieve its long-term goals. It is a great opportunity for TMK-GIPI to work more closely with PDO, which will allow us to reach our common goals in terms of the ICV programme and to work together for the betterment of Oman,” said Vladimir I Shcherbatykh, CEO, TMK GIPI.

TMK GIPI signs US$200M contract with Petroleum Development Oman


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