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Modification of Pipe Mill Hydro Tester Intensifier

To increase the productivity of Hydro-tester, TMK GIPI specialists from Production Department, have been planned to replace the intensifier with high pressure pump. As high pressure pump takes less man-power effort and less time for maintenance.

The main purposes of this modification were as: existing Intensifier system is too old and right now it is not in practice; problem finding is very tough and we can’t see or observe any internal leakages etc.; after finding solution, solving time is too much (24 hrs. to 36 hrs.); huge maintenance cost & productivity loss.

After all observations and inspections, which were made by TMK GIPI technical specialists, it were indicated the main advantages of equipment modification, such as:

- high pressure water pump system is very simple;

- it became possible to identify the problem easily because it’s a compact design;

- solving time is very less (02 to 03 hrs. max);

- maintenance cost is very low;

- huge benefit of overall productivity.

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