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Laser Unit installation to Edge Mill Equipment

TMK GIPI, with contracted “INVISUAL E. INC.” company, have installed Laser Unit to Edge Mill Equipment from the part to control skelp width and edge condition.

The main purpose of installation of Laser Unit is to measure the coil width after edge mill unit and create alarm in case of any anomaly. The measured data is displayed in two different forms: Digital Display and Graphical Display.

The data is stored with coil number of the running project. To store the data coil number is entry is feasible. Data can be retrieved any time for analysis. In case of any anomaly the unit will give Audio and visual alarm. Also there are two cameras to watch the live condition of the edges. For analysis on the coil, the spray gun will paint a mark on the coil.

At present time, TMK GIPI Production Team is able to use width measurement through laser units.

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